Red Lipstick!

‘Heels and Red Lipstick will put the fear of God into people’    Dita von Teese.

Provocative?   Evocative?   What does red lipstick mean to you?   Confident?   Sassy?   Vintage?   Burlesque?  Professional?  No make-up bag is complete without one (or two, or three).    Worn down to the stubby end or shiny shiny new.   These are my top 10:

  1. MAC Lipstick – Russian Red.   What is it with Russian women and red lipstick?   Available from John Lewis.  £15.50
  2. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick – Love Bite.   Available from – £24
  3. Bobbi Brown Art Stick – Uber Red.    For applying in a taxi perhaps?  (Sooooo proud of myself for that one…). Available from  £21.50
  4. Dior – Trafalgar.    Timeless.  £27.50
  5. Topshop – Lips in Hazard.    I’m saying one thing only.  £8.   £8?    Seriously good, seriously sexy – this is a beautiful lipstick at a bargain price.   Go get it before it sells out.   From Topshop.   Obvs.
  6. Lime Crime Velvetines – True Love.   I’m channeling Madonna….  From £14.95
  7. NYX Cosmetics – Monte Carlo.   I found this at  Lovely and soft – feels like a gloss even though its matt.  Only £6.
  8. Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer – in Chilli.   Double ended lacquer and gloss.  2 for the price of one!  £10.75 (and don’t forget your Advantage points!)
  9. Revlon – Love is On  The Revlon website claims that:  ‘the product is guaranteed to bring more love into your life or your money back!’.      Oh yes!  And all for £7.99!
  10. Burts Bees – Scarlet Soaked.   My final choice. 100% natural.  Beautifully hydrating. And made by a man called Burt.   £9.99.   From

I’ve loved writing this post.    It followed on from my10best poems, and in turn, it will lead to my next list.   From red lipstick to red roses:   my10best flowers… and the sites that deliver them.  See you soon!

So…my10best Poems

I know.   Funny topic to start my 10best lists with.  But I have loved poetry all my life.  It is – and it should be – anything you need it to be.   It is solace, it is heroism, it is despair.  It lurches from the very ordinary to the extra-ordinary and all stops in between.

From Eliot’s life measured out in coffee spoons, to Ted Hughes’ lover with her ‘spider-bite’ smiles, to Owen’s soldiers gassed by the “devil’s sick of sin’.   Poetry gets under your skin.   It is always under mine.   These are my 10best poems of all time. Enjoy.

  1. Words, Wide Night By Carol Ann Duffy.        Best. Love. Poem. Ever.
  2. Still I Rise By Maya Angelou.    ‘I dance like I’ve got diamonds / At the meeting of my thighs’.    As should we all.
  3. I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You.  By Pablo Neruda.  Love / In fire and blood.    This takes my breath away.
  4. The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock.  By T S Eliot.   Isolation, despair, thwarted desire.   A life unfulfilled.   Human voices wake us…and we drown…
  5. Love Song. By Ted Hughes.   This poem exhausts me.   All that anger, energy, passion, desire.   Love is hard to stop….
  6. When you are old.  By W. B. Yeats.   One man loved the pilgrim soul in you…
  7. The General.  By Siegfried Sassoon.     Chosen from the hundreds of incredible War Poems.   This one taken from the best collection – Up the Line to Death
  8. No worst, there is none… By Gerard Manly Hopkins.     The mind has mountains; cliffs of fall…..Hold them cheap may who ne’er hung there.
  9. The Tyger. By William Blake.   Did he smile his work to see?
  10. Keep a Poem in Your Pocket. By Beatrice Schenk de Regniers.     Because we all should.  Print this. Cut it out.  Put it in your pocket.   Or better still, your childrens’ pockets.  Or your friends’.    A dozen dreams to dance to you…

I recognise this is eclectic and by necessity self-limiting.   I know there’s no Shakespeare, or Auden, or Byron, or Shelley.   No Whitman, or Plath or Frost or Dickinson.   I hope that one or two come as a delightful surprise; and that others may act as a reminder of poems visited in your youth which you now read with a fresh perspective.

While writing this first list, I have decided upon my unifying structure for this site.  One list will inform the next through a logical, emotional, or thematic link.

Poetry is meant to be spoken aloud.  Therefore next week, my friends, I bring you my10best …. Lipsticks!

Welcome to my10best…

Hello world.   My first blog ever.   Ever ever.    That’s a little bit scary, no?

As a busy mum of 5 kids I’ve tried and experienced buying, visiting, eating, drinking, reading, loving many many things.

Hours spent poring over the internet, browsing shops, visiting attractions that were – or too often weren’t – fantastic.   Days spent looking for the perfect birthday gift for a hyperactive 10 year old.   Or (more recently) weeks looking for ‘the’ Prom dress.

It feels like the time has come to condense all this experience into a set of lists (and who doesnt love lists!) – with the sole aim of trying to help other people out there – whoever you are and whatever choices you are faced with.     Or it could just be that I like lists….

You may not agree with my lists.  I sincerely hope you all don’t. O  therwise we will be faced with a homogenised ’10best’ of everything and numbers 11 onwards will cease to exist (and that can’t be right can it!).

My current thinking is that I’ll do a list a week.  So, suggestions please all those who have wandered here.   Without any, it will be the random raving of a 46 year old woman – and who knows where those will take us…