Welcome to my10best…

Hello world.   My first blog ever.   Ever ever.    That’s a little bit scary, no?

As a busy mum of 5 kids I’ve tried and experienced buying, visiting, eating, drinking, reading, loving many many things.

Hours spent poring over the internet, browsing shops, visiting attractions that were – or too often weren’t – fantastic.   Days spent looking for the perfect birthday gift for a hyperactive 10 year old.   Or (more recently) weeks looking for ‘the’ Prom dress.

It feels like the time has come to condense all this experience into a set of lists (and who doesnt love lists!) – with the sole aim of trying to help other people out there – whoever you are and whatever choices you are faced with.     Or it could just be that I like lists….

You may not agree with my lists.  I sincerely hope you all don’t. O  therwise we will be faced with a homogenised ’10best’ of everything and numbers 11 onwards will cease to exist (and that can’t be right can it!).

My current thinking is that I’ll do a list a week.  So, suggestions please all those who have wandered here.   Without any, it will be the random raving of a 46 year old woman – and who knows where those will take us…




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